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When I am not flesh and blood, I’m feeling like dry bones.

This is a live version of Dry Bones by Gungor. Great artists sound better live than on their albums. Gungor constantly impresses me with the live performances I find online. I hope that I get to see them sometime soon. Dry Bones is the lead track off their album Beautiful Things which you can buy here.

I love the Hebrew singing of the Lord’s Prayer beginning at 5:08

When I am not completely flabbergasted…

This is When Death Dies by Gungor. I know I’ve been harping on Gungor a lot lately and I know I probably shared this song on my facebook a while back, but I finally got around to buying their latest album, Ghosts Upon the Earth, yesterday and you should do the same. To review it in a word I would say that it is a ‘transcendent’ album. It transcends any concept of worship music, religious music, indie, or any other pathetically inadequate label you may try to attach to it.

This is music that defies the darkness. It sings out in a broken beauty that is never self-conscious or self-pitying. It lives and breathes and flings its sound in the face of the death that inevitably surrounds. It waits for the day that death and decay will perish. It is defiant and humble. Beautiful and sorrowful. Joyful and somber.

Aren’t we all looking forward to the day when death dies?

When I am not awake, I need to wake up.

This is Wake Up Sleeper, from Gungor. Gungor will change your perceptions on the union, tension, and intersections between music and religion. Do yourself a favour and listen to their new album, Ghosts Upon the Earth, today.